[Blabber] Electronics Night: Turning It Off And On Again

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Wed May 16 13:04:07 UTC 2018

Next Electronics Night will be on Thursday, May 24th. NOTE: It will now start at 7pm instead of 6pm. And this is the fourth Thursday, not the third.


Inspired by some challenges from the recent RFID project, we will discuss how to turn things off and then on again. From the Meetup description:

We will discuss how to turn things on and off, in particular relays, motors, bright LEDs, and things like that.

We will look at circuits involving bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs, opto-couplers, protection diodes, solid state relays, electromechanical relays, latching relays and the new-fangled load switches the kids use these days. Maaaybe even isolated DC-DC converters.

We will discuss when to use which device, how to combine them, what galvanic isolation is and when it is necessary. We will focus on the different voltage and current requirements for the various devices.

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