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I didn't get it.
(ba-dum tisss!)
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Hey, James,
Pick up a ham sandwich for me while you're there, OK?
Oh wait....
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Island Labs in conjunction with WeWork and Meetup will host a tour/visit of the Queens Plaza WeWork coworking / shared office space location, tonight at 6PM.
Those of you wanting to attend the FPGA night with Guan at 7PM: 
please don't let this interfere.  The WeWork thing is at 6PM and you could leave with enough time for the ~30 minute transit to HM.  

Use the Meetup link and RSVP so you will be on the sign-in list.  

https://www.meetup.com/Island- Labs-Makerspace/events/ 251571615/

Check the directions; copied here just in case,

-----------------------------The address is 27-01 Queens Plaza N.The entrance to WeWork is on 27th Street, between Queens Plaza N. & 41st Avenue. North from the subway, it is approximately halfway up the hill on your right. You will see WeWork signage on a metal plate alongside MetLife and JetBlue to confirm you are in the right place.
We will meet on the 13th floor. Upon Arrival to the building, all guests will need to sign into the iPad and list 'Karly McCabe' as host. Once signed in, they can head to the 13th floor and stop by the Community Bar. We will show you to the conference room from there.
*Please bring a photo ID for sign in.-----------------------------

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