[Blabber] To inform members about a conflict.

Johannas Habsberg punton1stdown at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 20:44:16 UTC 2017

Good day Hackmanhattan members,
A few strange things have happened that I believe should be brought to the attention of hackmanhatten members. I was informed last night that I was being kicked out for non-payment of dues by Michael, not the Treasurer. He had promised tohave me kicked out of hackmanhattan on the grounds that I was "transphobic" according to the trans-community's own special transphobic definition. Next I'm told that I'm kicked out for non-payment of dues. I was not asked by Guan to become up to date on my dues, rather last night Michael told me I was kicked out for not paying dues since July. So this afternoon, I paid the dues that I thought were being paid by someone else. 
This does not seem to have solved the problem.
I have yet to recieve a reply.
Have good days all,

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