[Blabber] Lots of soldering, tips and tricks?

Konstantin Avdashchenko konsgn at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 9 15:52:59 UTC 2017

you could use a cheap solder pot from aliexpress to tin all the connections by dipping them into molten solder.

also, you could make whatever kind of soldering iron tip you want from thick guage copper wire in one of those 2 prong giant weller soldering guns. shape the wire however you want as long as it connects across the two prongs and it will be faster to connect the pre-tinned parts together.

good luck.

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Hi All,

I'm that lurker from Brooklyn, hoping my question is OK here,

Can anyone point me to any tips for soldering lots of wires at scale?
Like making jigs for soldering, or tips for holding the material, or
tips for how to apply solder to expedite things?

I'm soldering up a project with a big chain of high power shift
registers, soldering more than I've ever soldered in my life.  As an
amateur, I'm competent soldering components to boards- but now, I have a
*lot* of wires to solder down and I'm fumbling through it too slow.

For anyone curious, I'm driving 12v LED strips from TPIC6B595 shift
registers.  My LED strips RGB, the cheap kind that are common these
days.  I have nearly 200 strips to solder to, (4 wires each, at least
the wire I have is a strip of 4 wires), Pictures attached.

Thanks- any thoughts much appreciated!  (Even if your only suggestion is
'work faster' ha).


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