[Blabber] anyone have experience with SparkFun Power Cell - LiPo Charger/Booster

Gabriela Lopez gl1119 at nyu.edu
Fri Nov 17 18:41:21 UTC 2017

Hi Guan,
I am looking at the documentation on sparkfun for the LiPo boost charger
and just having some trouble understanding its ports and what I can and can
not do with them. I have an energy harvester board that will be connected
to peizo strips and now I am wondering how I might be able to somehow
connect the energy harvester board to the LiPo charger board. Are you going
to be at the Hack Manhattan anytime soon?

On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 6:21 PM, Guan Yang <guan at yang.dk> wrote:

> > On Nov 9, 2017, at 15:47, Gabriela Lopez <gl1119 at nyu.edu> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I am working on a project that uses the SparkFun Power Cell - LiPo
> Charger/Booster. I also hear there is a not so perfect replacement, the
> SparkFun LiPo Charger/Booster - 5V/1A. I am also using SparkFun Energy
> Harvester Breakout - LTC3588.
> >  . Does anyone have any experience with these? I am working on an energy
> harvesting project
> I once tried to make my own LTC3588 breakout board without that much
> success; I haven't tried anyone else's or the dev kit. Are you having
> issues with it?
> What's your issue with the SparkFun lipo charger/booster? I'm a little
> surprised they chose to use separate charge and boost controllers. These
> days there are many chips that will do both, implemented with a buck/boost
> circuit that is set to buck for battery charging and boost to 5V when
> discharging. They are often used in those USB "power banks". I recently
> used bq24295 in a project.
> Although, Adafruit has a similar board that also uses two chips:
> https://www.adafruit.com/product/2465
> Their battery charging IC is MCP73871, which has a few more protections.
> It also has Voltage Proportional Current Control, which is fun for things
> like solar charging.
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