[Blabber] FaradayRF for sale

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Fri Jan 20 19:27:05 UTC 2017

FaradayRF, which you may have seen mentioned on the electronics blog/podcast circuit, how has boards for sale:


(If you didn’t sign up a few months ago, this may end up being a preorder because they have a limited batch.)

This is a 33 cm band (900 MHz) Part 97 radio with optional on-board GPS, intended to be sort of an APRS replacement but more easy to extend. Based on a TI part that combines a radio with an MSP430 microcontroller. It comes with software on the host side that implements a REST interface.

Currently sold as a starter pack with a pair of radios, but no antennas.

As some of you know I have experimented with 915 MHz radio in the past. There’s a bunch of parts available now to make this easier and cheaper, and you can build low-power sensor networks at much less cost than FaradayRF. A lot of people used Atmel AT86RF212, but it’s relatively expensive. There is also CC430 from TI (used in FaradayRF) and some parts from ST:


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