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Please reach out directly if interested


Hi Hack Manhattan,

LEAP (http://leapnyc.org/) - Learning though an Expanded Arts Program -
brings professional teaching artists into NYC schools to enhance student
communities through the arts. We're hoping a member of your community might
guest-visit one of our signature programs!

Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs challenges upper elementary students to invent a
product or service to solve a personal or community problem. Using STEM and
creative project-based learning, participants learn art-making and
persuasive language skills. The program culminates in a citywide event
(last year's was held at Google's NYC headquarters). See the attached
one-pager for more info.

We're looking for local entrepreneurs to visit our classes in February to
inspire the students and provide feedback on their projects (alternatively
we could organize field trips to visit your hackerspace in Manhattan). The
guests will then have the opportunity to sit on our panel at the citywide
event in March. This is a great opportunity for folks to connect with their
communities and pay it forward to the next generation of makers and

Would a member of your team be willing to speak to young minds in NYC
schools about their entrepreneurial experiences? Feel free to call with any
questions - 212-769-4160 x113. Thanks for your help!


Gabe Gordon
Program Coordinator

t: 212-769-4160 ext 113
e: gabe at leapnyc.org
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