[Blabber] Hack Manhattan x MakerTour

Alina Grenier-Arellano alina at makertour.fr
Fri Aug 18 19:30:27 UTC 2017

Hi Hack Manhattan!

My name is Alina Grenier, North American explorer of shared labs for 
MakerTour (macerator.fr) that is based in France. I came to visit your 
space a few weeks ago and met Stephen, one of your members, that 
generously showed me around! Loved your space, kudos! I'm finishing up 
an article on a couple NYC-based spaces, one of which being yours and 
had a couple questions maybe you can answer?

The first, when was Hack Manhattan officially launched? Second, is there 
a certain project that you can recommend? I am hoping to showcase one or 
two in the article and would love to be referred to one you believe 
represents Hack Manhattan, or is admirable for its creation or process. 
Also please let me know what you think about that project, and what it 
means for the space (if anything). How does it connect to Hack Manhattan 
and its purpose for example?

One last bonus question is, how does Hack Manhattan see the maker scene 
of NYC? Is there anything in particular any of the team have seen that 
is particular to the city or your space?

I will send you all the article once done and am attaching a recent 
article on Montreal's new space Espace Fabrique to get a taste of what 
we're up to (where I am based at the current time):


North America lab adventurer, co-creation researcher, and experimenter 
of homemade potions.

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