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Natasha Babenko nbt226 at nyu.edu
Fri Aug 18 16:03:42 UTC 2017

Good morning!
I m a thesis student at NYU Tisch school of Arts. I made a VR documentary
for occulus(15 min). I used Unity and makey makey to build in an
interaction for the viewer. I m looking for an engineer to upgrade this
"makey makey thousand wires" technology to smth ergonomic and super
convinient to use - lie a glove with sensors. It can be wireless or not
(then with really long wires so that the viewer has freedom to move). I
have a budget for this project but not too much time.
Here is an artsitic description of what is happening during this VR
Title: Normal Day
It is a 15 min experience of a woman who is a dancer and actress in nyc.
She is a cancer survivor and received news that cancer is back. It is a
poetic narrative of her life. In the end when people see her faint during
rehearsal there is a moment where they interact with the story: if they
decide to touch each other's hands she will continue her life journey even
with all the death threats. If they choose not story just ends in the
The interaction happens through makey makey at a current stage of
development. I m looking to build an ergonomic wearable technology that
will allow viewers to move freely in the chair or if they decide to stand
up. When the touch happens- human bodies serve as a circuit through which
the signals are passed into unity.
Please let me know if you have more questions.
reach out via email or cell
Thank you!
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*Natasha Babenko*
*MFA Candidate*
*Tisch School of the Arts*
*917 288 5782*
*filmdreamlove at gmail.com <filmdreamlove at gmail.com>*
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