[Blabber] Reccomendation Volt/Amp Meter

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Sat Aug 5 21:35:08 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I'm a lurker on list from Brooklyn- thought someone here may have good advice/opinions to share.

I recently had my old multimeter stolen, and I'm looking to replace it.  Wow they are cheap nowadays, and also have dizzying array of features I'd never thought of (guess I'm old).

Does anyone have any good recommendations for multimeters?  My typical use below:

- small stuff, mostly DC 1v-3.3v-5v etc... hacking on pcengines/beaglebone/pi kinds of gpio fun (I have an indestructible old fluke for high voltage AC stuff.)
- volts, amps, ohms- I prefer simpler tools with few bells and whistles.
- "hobbyist grade" pricing I guess, I don't use this every day- but I don't want a junk tool either (who does :)  I guess, the sort of tool one would get if they were being serious in an electronics 101 class at a hackerspace?

Any thoughts or recommendations welcome, even if it deviates from my stated needs!


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