[Blabber] Building an electric skateboard (for art)

Diego Zaks ddzaks at gmail.com
Wed May 25 01:40:25 UTC 2016

Hi HM,
long time no see!
I'm doing an art piece that requires me to build a simple electric
skateboard (not for riding) that will spin its wheels. I want to use an
Arduino to control the motor and to display a revolution count. I was
thinking of using Stepper motors, but I do need some RPMs (Need to spin the
wheel at 14mph).

I've never worked with brushless motors before, just started reading up on
ESCs and what they do. Got any suggestions for what parts to get? Any
success stories with Arduinos and Motors?



Diego Zaks
Freelance Design Consultant
+1 (917) 940 1373

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