[Blabber] ChARM Cheap Arm progress

Konstantin Avdashchenko konsgn at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 13 22:29:13 UTC 2016

Hey All,

I'm going to make another version of the ChARM board. Changes since last revision:



- Re-Route for no-compatibility - easier route (There aren't any popular teensy2.0 shields),

- Mounting holes enlarged to 2.1mm from 2

- USB Resistor value set to 33ohms

- Added footprint for 2x1.6mm crystal

- Added selection for A5 between power out and analog in.

- Added 100nF cap to E30(A5) for internal Vref/DAC

- Switch to SOT23 LDO regulator.

- Shortened board by 100 mil

- Led moved to pin 13

- Analog renamed to follow pin 14->

Is there anything that would be beneficial to a cheap dev board, that I can add without impacting cost significantly? Footprints are free, but there isn't a lot of space left.



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