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Joe Perez jkperez at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 22:03:49 UTC 2016

Yo HM fam!

Wanted to pass this along to those of you who enjoy visual novels /
interactive VN's.

Iasmin (a Babycastles member and collaborator) has been working on this
game with our friend Kevin for the past year, and they just launched a
Kickstarter to fund the rest of development. Kevin has been paying Iasmin
(who is doing character and promo art) and the background artist and sound
designer out of pocket, and most of the kickstarter $$ would go to continue
making this their ongoing jobs and raise awareness!

It's an interactive visual novel about punky immigrant kids who start a
clubhouse and deal with racism and love and all sorts of cuteness and
tragedy. There are a ton of different story paths and every time you play,
the game switches your race, the fictional country you live in, the kind of
food you eat, and the slurs people use against you, etc.

If you feel like it / can, back the project! A $10 donation will get you a
copy of the game when it is done. $20 will get you that + your name in the
credits, and upward rewards include stuff like a digital art book / game
assets, or even having a version of you drawn and put in the game.

Here is the link!


I just made a pledge. Support Iasmin! Iasmin is amazing and outside of
this, is doing some seriously incredible stuff this year. You will see :)

 Joe Perez
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