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> head of the department
I think you meant executive officer of the precinct, but I digress

hallo! friendly neighborhood security (both network and physical) paranoid
geek here!

currently, the front door has the following problems:
1. it's knifable
2. it's slideable
3. it's pickable
4. it's pullable

1 can be solved by a latch guard - that requires a bit of drilling and some
music. 2 can be solved by better hardware. 3 requires recoring (replacing
the lock itself), which may be unfeasible at the moment because there are
so many people with keys and distributing new ones may prove to be
expensive. 4 requires a strike that actually is beefier - the current one
may just be faulty.

Just my recommendations. Cheers!


On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 5:45 PM, Frank DeMarco <if.self.end at gmail.com>

> Jono wants to talk about this at the meeting tonight, so I am sharing some
> info.  Someone who came to the Saturday opening came back on Sunday
> morning, broke into the building and stole my laptop from Babycastles and a
> painting from the collective upstairs.
> We got camera footage of him from the building next door and identified
> him as someone Drew met a week ago and invited to the opening.  His name is
> Adam Dushuttle.  We found a lot of info about him online, like his social
> media, email address, police records and family tree.
> He didn't respond to any of our messages, so we called the cops.  A lot of
> people were consulted before we decided to do that, including Krissy and
> Lauren.  Many police came and canvassed Rat Park.  We invited the head of
> the department to come with his family to an event, and Krissy gave the
> officers a tour of the building.  They seem to like us.
> Jono wants to talk about improving security.  It may come down to
> something as simple as a better lock on the front door or even just
> improving this one by installing a metal plate.  My feeling about that is
> if we already have a lock, it may as well be a good one if Kenny is willing
> to pay for it.
> Here are the social media links and images of Adam Dushuttle.  It may be
> worth checking to see if you have any mutual friends on Facebook.
> https://www.instagram.com/cammillions/
> https://www.facebook.com/adamfrank.dushuttle

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