[Blabber] Aluminum Prusa i3 Opinions?

Chris Stratton cs07024 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 16:20:53 UTC 2016

Does anyone have personal experience with any of the low-end aluminum
frame Prusa i3 derivatives?   I'm looking to get a printer of my own,
and while I like the mechanical integrity of the flashforge/ctc/etc
box designs, I hesitate at the limited Y travel and that fact that it
will forever be a large object - my apartment is rather cramped, so
I'd prefer something where I have the possibility of disassembling the
vertical pieces from the horizontal and storing or transporting it
flat.  Hence the Prusa i3, and for durability either an aluminum plate
or extrusion frame.

- Any opinions on plate vs extrusion?   I get the sense plate may be
stronger (and quieter) but extrusion offers more ability to alter the
design in the future
- what about Z axis motors on the top vs. bottom?  I take it 5mm
screws are preferred to allow the smooth rods to dominate positioning?
- how bad are RAMPS electronics?

Specific machines of current temptation are the Folger Tech extrusion
machine at under $300 or the Geeetech plate - which unfortunately
seems to have recently gained $100 in price pushing it well north of
400.   I worry the Folger has a reputation for being louder, and the
carriage designs seems quite overhung, but it seems a cheap collection
of starter parts...

Or anyone have a disused i2 or i3 project/machine they'd like to unload cheaply?

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