[Blabber] Laser Cutter

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Wed Oct 28 19:03:07 UTC 2015

> On Oct 28, 2015, at 14:56, Robert Cohen <rob_cohen at me.com> wrote:
> As for materials, the wiki states not to use metal without proper coating.
> Any more info on this requirement?

In addition to any safety concerns, which I'm not so familiar with, I know that lasering metal simply won't work without special coating, so you could start googling that.

This is one option:

http://www.shertec.com/marking-and-cutting-products/thermark-and-cerdec <http://www.shertec.com/marking-and-cutting-products/thermark-and-cerdec>

(I don't know if it's suitable with our engraver.)
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