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Konstantin Avdashchenko konsgn at hotmail.com
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Yea, I can find some time to give a guide through, but I have no Idea when I'll be in the space and free to do so next.

There is currently glitching that happens on rasters when lazing from SD card, so USB control is preferred, but that I have no idea how to do, James?

As a pre-cursor, download, install and get used to inkscape. Also get the https://github.com/TurnkeyTyranny/laser-gcode-exporter-inkscape-plugin
plugin installed and configured. 

I started a page here:

It will be updated with more info soon.


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That's me but I think you'll have to try Konstantin for some help... Konstantin?  Myself, I won't be in for at least a week I think.

Basically, you can do it, but there are safety issues, you must be careful and follow some safety protocols which are as yet unwritten, and you are warned.  You won't burn down the place but if you hurt yourself we all go down, so please put safety first.  Once you know the ropes it can be very useful.  

You'll also need to put your artwork into Inkscape.

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Salutations hacker brethren,

Guan was kind enough to tell me last night who knows the most about the laser cutter (James?), but I promptly forgot who it was because I have the attention span of a goldfish. I’d like to laser me up some baller business cards, but I’d prefer not to burn down HM in the process. I’ve taken few laser cutting classes before, but I’d be more comfortable if someone would be willing to show me or at least give me some bullet points on what to be worried about (ventilation/overheating, etc).

Thanks, y’all. Let me know!

Rob C.
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