[Blabber] Glowforge vs. Emblazer laser cutters, any thoughts?

Waldemar G. Matuska wgmatuska at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 16:56:19 UTC 2015

Hello Everybody,
My friend from Switzerland is considering buying (and having shipped) one
of these two laser cutters (or a 3D printer as a third option). She asked
my opinion re the following thoughts:

   - Price: Emblaser is much, much cheaper
   - Handling: the Glowforge seems plug&play, whereas the Emblaser needs a
   significant amount of calibration, presumably each time you use it (?)
   according to the comments in their forum. This shows more of the Glowforge
   and it really seems to be extremely user friendly.
   - Handling no 2: the Glowforge is super heavy and huge
   - Finally, I am thinking, maybe an actual alternative would be a proper
   3D printer in the first place. However, with the laser cutter I can work
   with many materials. The 3D printer just gives me plastic… plus they are in
   most cases also demanding in terms of calibration, etc.

The Glowforge has already come up in conversation on the list, and I've let
my friend know the gist some of the points raised. (Thanks, James) Any
further thoughts would be appreciated. The Glowforge is 50%-off for, I
believe, another day!

Lots of thanks in advance,
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