[Blabber] Timer Switch

Antonio diveblends at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:01:26 UTC 2015

So I am trying to source a very simple digital timer switch to control a
12V application.
These are all over the place and super cheap:

However i don't need and don't want to have 'intervals' or to program it to
shut on or off. I just want to set a time (in hours) and the thing to shut
off after the time is up.

In essence I am looking for a 12V version of this (but ability to set at
least 8hours) :
Reason I am looking for a 12V and not control directly from outlet is that
the power supply controls multiple 12V apps and would like to control them

I've searched quite a bit but can't seem to be able to zero in on a
product, lots of programmable timers or something in the seconds range.
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