[Blabber] Baby 3D Printer

James Carpino jamescarpino at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 3 15:44:02 UTC 2015

Hey everyone, my kickstarter is up!  This is a plug.  Disregard if annoyed.

This is for my very small 3D printer, which I believe can change the world.  A little bit.  And for the better.

There are early birds as low as $250.  You can follow for $1, or you can receive a gold-plated 3D printer for pledging $10,000, and there is a range of options in-between.  I apologize for the plug, I hate when other people do that but hey, I won't pressure anyone.  Let the buyer desire.  And if you know anyone who might be interested, or who might know people who might be interested, please do forward, also with my apologies. 

Also just want to say that ironically, the first prototype miniature has been the most reliable 3D printer I've had regular access to, and those of you who have been around the space lately will believe it...

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