[Blabber] Thursday join me for 3D Printer assembly

James Carpino jamescarpino at yahoo.com
Thu May 7 05:10:01 UTC 2015

I got a Prusa i3 kit.  I plan to open up the kit, and begin assembly at HM on Thursday the 7th in the evening, probably starting around 8PM.  

Anyone who wants to watch (or assist) is welcome.  If you are new to 3d printing and want to buy a kit, this is a good place to start, whether you want this kind of kit or not.  You can see what the parts are like, and compare it to the other printers we have.  I probably won't finish the assembly; it's probably kinda lengthy.

This is the kit I got.

It seems nice for the price but I'm not specifically promoting it.  I'll be happy to explain what I think are the pros and cons, in person if anyone asks.


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