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I see an M. Night Shyamalan adaptation in the works.

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> You are all the audience for this, so I had to share.
> I walked into a Radio Shack near closing time.  It was the one I went to as a kid.  INSIDE there was just one guy, behind him in the booth against the stripped down wall there was a simple sign in 3" capital letters, "MANAGER" and he looked like he was 19 or 22.  He was obviously just promoted to this job.  There was much less in this shop than usual.  Well, I had a cough and I needed an X-ray so he had me lay down on the X-ray machine... he closed up up front so nobody else would walk in, because he was the only guy minding the store.  He aimed the X-ray at my chest... or rather, he didn't aim it, it was kinda obliquely aimed already. Think of a dental xray, less bulky though.  He started using it, and there was a hum.  He seemed nervous.  This was a time series; he was gonna record a movie of my breathing, so it was taking consecutive x-ray pictures.  I didn't want to be over-irradiated so I asked if this was going OK.  He said, "OK Google is this going OK..."  Google responded, "Yes, this is going OK."  I thought it was getting a bit warm, like around my chest area.  I didn't like that feeling, of getting a little warm from x-rays, with a Radio Shack former cell phone salesman now managing the Google-administrated radiology services at a half-decommissioned Radio Shack.  I woke up.
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