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Ian Harris imharris at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 19:15:19 UTC 2015

Listened to an interesting google hangout on The Things Network (see

I volunteered to help set up a network in NYC.  What I'm hoping is that we
can host one in the HM space, and/or others in manhattan and brooklyn. This
means hosting a gateway that is powered, along with an internet connection.
I would happily do it from home but my apartment is in completely the wrong
place (ground floor, at the back surrounded by 12 floor buildings).

This would enable New Yorkers to create their own Lora nodes that are able
to communicate over the net.  Essentially Lora packets get dumped in
MongoDB that you can subscribe to using MQTT.  You have to make some
sensible quick decisions to build this sort of network but it's clearly not
the end game.

Where I'd like to get to is run coap over Lora, giving the ability to not
only send data but receive it too. Two Lora notes could then communicate.
Or Lora notes could subscribe to completely internet connected devices
(even coap over UDP devices).  This makes for some fun routing and
discovery problems.

Any interest? Anyone already playing with this kind of thing?

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