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Fri Jun 20 14:58:15 UTC 2014

The Intel Computer Clubhouse at Grand Street Settlement (my employer) is
applying for a grant. The Computer Clubhouse Network (a worldwide chain of
technology spaces for ages 10-18) is becoming more interested in "Maker"
and STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) activities, in addition to
their continuing interest in graphic arts, video, and music production.

After reviewing our Adobe licensing, it turns out we're good on those,
which leaves a lot of possible $ in the "software" part of the proposal.
This part of grant is only for software, the hardware part of the grant has
arduinos, electronic supplies, a 3D-printer, tablets, etc.

My question:

Does anyone have any thoughts on "maker"/STEM software suitable for an
10-18 year olds in an afterschool program?
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