[Blabber] Show your projects at HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth)

Thomas Dukleth td-blabber-hackmanhattan at agogme.com
Wed Jun 4 22:02:05 UTC 2014


Please bring whatever interesting projects you may have to show at the
Hack Manhattan table at the HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference,
Friday 18 to Sunday 20 July, http://x.hope.net/ .


HOPE is a fantastic hacking event organised by 2600 magazine starting in
1994 and which has been held once every two years at Hotel Pennsylvania,
7th Avenue and 33rd Street.  There is a small partial floor for exhibitors
with all manner of hacking activities and exhibitors from build it
yourself work areas, people with antiquated telephone equipment, printing
sections of a large 3D model of Manhattan, to representatives of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation.

People attending tend to be serious hacking enthusiasts.  Conference
sessions end after midnight and the exhibition area is open all night with
somewhat subdued lighting.


In addition to whatever projects we may bring, there are some
considerations which apply to HOPE as well as other similar events.  I had
previously raised the following considerations in a similar form on the
list with no reply.


Do we want to make an additional large Hack Manhattan banner with
grommeted holes or ties for hanging to be seen from the other side of the
current banner or make a double sided banner?

At some venues, such as HOPE, Figment, and Maker Faire, an exhibition area
from Hack Manhattan may be approached from multiple sides and there are
great advantages to being recognised from whichever side people my


Are any improvements or different forms warranted for the present printed
informational literature about Hack Manhattan which may be distributed?

This question may be least interesting but we want people to know what we
do especially for enlarging our pool of members.

Do we need to print more copies?

Most potential members do not know that Hack Manhattan even exists.


In addition to  demonstrating our latest projects, informing people about
Hack Manhattan, and encouraging people to visit the space do we want to
have some merchandise to sell or even give away (if made for a trivial
price) as a token which may be used to encourage donations to Hack
Manhattan?  Do we want to have more than the existing Hack Manhattan
t-shirt and sticker design?

Please think about merchandise.  We might do well from merely distributing
stickers intended for children at a local supermarket, despite HOPE being
almost all adults unlike Maker Faire.

If people want to pursue merchandise, then we need ideas for t-shirts,
stickers, instructional material, kits, or whatever to sell.  In my
experience at HOPE in past years running a table for the Free Software
Foundation (FSF), we did well with books, t-shirts, stickers, buttons,
etc.  Stickers were the best tokens which we used to encourage donations
even though we were giving them away without any explicit charge.  FSF
merchandise can be seen at http://shop.fsf.org/category/gnu-gear/ and
http://shop.fsf.org/category/books/ .  Observing others at HOPE,
booksellers and publishers with great stacks of hacking related technical
books seemed to do well.  Some people may have done well with kits but a
couple with a table next to FSF did not seem to be doing especially well
with the electronics kits which they had.

If people opt for including merchandise, closer to the time of HOPE, I
will post on the wiki some details from a long report which I had prepared
for FSF about how to do well exhibiting in terms of presentation.  Details
will include how to raise your banner high over your heads at HOPE so that
it can be seen from all directions, advice to make some small signs with
prices which people can see at a glance, advice to have discrete stacks
and avoid overlapping merchandise, etc.  HOPE is a good venue but FSF did
not do as well as it had obtaining donations in the past merely by
accident.  Actual work and some experience from volunteers was involved.

4.  NOTE.

While I will be volunteering again to help the Free Software Foundation
(FSF) run a table at HOPE X, I will do what I can to help Hack Manhattan
also do well at HOPE by helping Hack Manhattan setup at HOPE, and by
sharing what I learnt from helping FSF at HOPE in the past and my
experience from many years as a bookseller.

[Financial information and other details which may lose value if too
widely shared have been introduced on the members list.  Please confine
discussions about those details to the members list.]

Thomas Dukleth
109 E 9th Street, 3D
New York, NY  10003
+1 212-674-3783

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