[Blabber] Dress Rehearsal at 137 W 14th street

ADRIANA KAEGI a_kaegi at mac.com
Thu Jan 23 21:49:36 UTC 2014

You are invited to a fee viewing of the play (dress rehearsal) this Sat. 3pm at Studio C, 137 W 14th street. 2nd Floor. Bring a chair. 

The Offering by Tara Gadomski

Set in a dystopian society where poets control the distribution of words, one young man wants to tell his girlfriend what is in his heart, but he doesn't own the language to do it. He sees a new poem that expresses exactly how he feels and is determined to acquire the words...by any means possible. In the process, he just might change the world.

Starring: Alex Alcheh*, Jennifer Tsay, Anni Weisband and Robert A. K. Gonyo
Directed by: Illana Stein
Original Sound Design by:  Robert A. K. Gonyo

*Member Actors' Equity Association

The Offering   was originally conceived and produced as a live radio play with Co-Op Theatre East's Radio COTE.  It was re-written for the stage and is debuting in this format at the Network One Act festival.

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