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I won't be there tonight, but look forward to meeting you.  I have always
been fascinated by neon.  It'd be fantastic if you could share some of that


On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 5:34 PM, Marco Romeny <marco at mimecom.net> wrote:

> Love the idea and I'm sure I could find plenty of uses for it - besides,
> they are my countrymen so if course it has to be good ( slightly, lightly
> ironic national pride ).
> I haven't introduced myself, so sorry for butting in... I have been
> meaning to come by for a long time but it just haven't happened yet, and
> serendipity brought me to the building a couple of days ago, so I finally
> decided to take the plunge ( not that there is much hesitation! )
> I don't really know what I do or what I should present myself as, but I
> used to be a jack-of-many-trades within web programming back in the days
> (still do a bit) and for the past years run a shop in Soho called KIOSK.
> Before you ask, it's not a fancy place, but hopefully a place that has
> given some inspiration to people - at least that has been my goal. I also
> do neon signs, some carpentry, and all sorts of handiwork I'm in
> need/forced/interested to do.
> Lately I had a need to do some circuitry for my neons, and I realized that
> Google/Wikipedia, while great, will not bring me up to speed as fast as I
> need. Since I enjoy sharing and tinkering together with others, I am hoping
> to be able to join you!
> Anyway, I'm planning to come tonight - hope to see you there!
> On Jan 21, 2014 2:27 PM, "Meryl Greenblatt" <merylrgreenblatt at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Read carefully: *This is not an endorsement.*
>> However, I met these guys at the post-HM Kickstarter Meetup (I think
>> that's what it was called) party, and they're lots of fun. They're the ones
>> who gave me that mustache that you clip onto a beer bottle. So, no
>> endorsements, but the video's excellent.  Yes, I'm going to back them - we
>> can always use more toys in our space : )
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>> Date: Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 6:02 AM
>> Subject: Creatables would love your support!
>> To: Kalle Rosenbaum <erik at creatables.se>
>> Hi there!
>> This is Erik from Creatables, hope you remember me. I am emailing you
>> today because we are finally launching our kickstarter for the construction
>> kit I showed you a while ago that now goes under the name Strawbees.
>> The kickstarter goes live at 12.01 swedish time (now) and we would really
>> appreciate any support you can give us in the project. Here’s the link:
>> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624049406/strawbees-dream-big-build-bigger
>> So do you know anyone who might appreciate building massive constructions
>> please spread the word. Sorry for the slightly unpersonal email, but I
>> really hope you like the project and want to help educate makers all over
>> the world!
>> I would really appreciate any help in spreading the word, so nervous
>> right now.
>> Erik
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