[Blabber] Sorry For Running Out & Not Saying Good Night

Ben SBen ben.sugimori at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 09:24:45 UTC 2013

HM Buddies:

I had to run to an appointment I'd made with a guy who's helping me on BenS
2.0, and I didn't say a proper "Good Night."

It wouldn't have been "Good Bye," however, because I'm like a case of cold
sores: I may not show up regularly, but it's damned near impossible to get
rid of me.

Sorry for the unintended rudeness. I'm always an email away, should anybody
want.... advice on being Super Handsome (or something else about which I
have experience, like that), or to just shoot the breeze (friggin' breezes
Deserve to be Shot).

I still have my guitar to bring home, and a few things cluttering up the
space, so I'll be going to HM a few times between now & embarking on my
Northern Adventure.

Come and join me, even for a visit, when I've got things up and running -
or, better yet, come get things running With me!

Thanks, everybody, for being the Best Damned Hackerspace Group in NYC (I
wouldn't know about the rest of the world, but I'm sure you're Up There).

I'm glad to have been a member, and encourage all who are considering
membership to join, participate, and keep the space going.

You all Rock my Socks Off: Every lousy, rotten one of yez.

Stay Kickass,

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