[Blabber] Opinions? - Solidoodle 3D Printer, 2nd Generation

Ben S ben.sugimori at gmail.com
Sat May 25 12:46:46 UTC 2013

Morning, y'all:

I'm trying to decide between building a vacu-former and buying a 3D printer
(I know building one's the way to go, but my productivity needs a kick in
the pants).

I've got a grasp of how vacu-thermo-forming works, and there's not a large
selection of pre-made or kits for those, but having one would make
prototyping and production more accessible.

I eventually plan to build one regardless of 3D printers.


A 3D printer that works with something as easy as Sketch up or Autocad123D
programs, with a 6"² build size, for under $800, also has its appeal.

I came across this little printer and thought it looked more appealing than
most I've seen available. Of course, I know little about what makes a Good
v. Bad 3D printer, beyond the obvious specs, so I'd appreciate opinions or
alternatives to the Solidoodle V2 here:


Keep in mind my immediate goal isn't to LEARN something, nor to feel the
satisfaction of building my own; I'm just looking for a means-to-an-end
solution to my stalled productivity, allowing me to make what I'd otherwise
have to buy (or have made for me).

The time lag between concept and part availability/existence-discovery is
causing a lot of time/momentum drag in my current projects.

Though it's more than I'd normally spend, $600-$700 doesn't seem too much,
considering the cost of shipping and sourcing specialized parts. Can you
give me your informed take on the 3D printer linked above?

Thanks, folks.

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