[Blabber] video interview

Jeffrey Paul Buras jeffrey at jburas.com
Tue May 21 20:47:17 UTC 2013

A few other filmmakers and I are launching this project called "Your Input Needed", a documentary that's exploring this world of do-it-yourselferism, which has exploded in the last few years thanks to open information and peer collaboration - the growth of hackerspaces being a perfect example.  It's all creative commons, open source, anyone can contribute.  This is a community project, I'm not working for anyone.  So we're traveling to New York to interview some folks about this movement, how it started, and it's impact - things that I think are pretty well-known in the hackerspace community, but not so obvious to the general consumer crowd.  That's why we're doing this.

So Duepner, does that mean you'd be interested in talking with us?

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