[Blabber] Makin' Trouble

citybadger citybadger at gmail.com
Fri May 17 14:49:51 UTC 2013

May I:

Fix/replace the lock in the new door, and if necessary, make 35 keys for it
and get reimbursed? If the cylinder could be moved from the old door, that
would be simplest approach. Keying both doors the same would also be

Takedown/relocate the machine shop walls per plan (permission already
granted), including perhaps relocating, temporarily or permanently, some of
the entrance hall shelves to the no man's land where the Brain Bats panels
are sitting now.

Mount the Brain Bats panels to the wall, working or not, possibly
relocating the brackets to accommodate the new machine shop walls or

Bring in a miter
saw<http://www.dewalt.com/tools/machinery-miter-saws-dw718.aspx>to the
newly expanded shop?

Bring in a chest freezer similar to this
have in storage so Konsgn and I can make a
kegerator <http://beernexus.com/images/kegerator1_1_.jpg>/bar next to the
electronics station Ultimaker?

Bring three tall garbage cans like
I have in storage to improve the garbage/recycling handling situation?
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