[Blabber] A piano project, advice?

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Wed May 8 15:15:42 UTC 2013

What's the definition of "particular melodic sequence"? Does this mean that the project has to distinguish that particular sequence from any other music being played? Can we put regular or force sensitive switches into the piano, or does it need to detect his with a microphone and audio processing?

I think that's the hardest part. It's relatively easy to do "something", whether it's a box opening, light going on, or playing a recorded sound. 

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 16:56 , Rendall Ren wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> My friends are doing one of the 88 "Sing for Hope" Pianos http://singforhope.org/the-sing-for-hope-pianos/ Theirs will be in Tompkins Square Park.
> The project lead, Nicolina Johnson, had the idea to have "something happen" when a particular melodic sequence is played on the piano. This "something" can be anything, really: a jack-in the box pops up, or a light goes on, or a little window opens, or a recorded sound emits from the piano. 
> If you were going to make that project, how would you do it? 
> And, if you want to actively help make it happen, email me.
> Thanks!
> Rendall
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