[Blabber] A piano project, advice?

Rendall Ren rendall at gmail.com
Tue May 7 20:56:30 UTC 2013

Hi everyone.

My friends are doing one of the 88 "Sing for Hope" Pianos
http://singforhope.org/the-sing-for-hope-pianos/  Theirs will be in
Tompkins Square Park.

The project lead, Nicolina Johnson, had the idea to have "something happen"
when a particular melodic sequence is played on the piano.  This
"something" can be anything, really: a jack-in the box pops up, or a light
goes on, or a little window opens, or a recorded sound emits from the

If you were going to make that project, how would you do it?

And, if you want to actively help  make it happen, email me.

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