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> From: Irene Malatesta <im at figmentproject.org>
> Date: May 3, 2013, 10:35:23 EDT
> To: "guan at yang.dk" <guan at yang.dk>
> Subject: FIGMENT - Materials For The Arts information
> Hello,
> I am pleased to let you know that Materials For The Arts has kindly opened its doors to FIGMENT artists during the last three Thursdays in May. There is a total of 57 available spots for artists and volunteers to visit MFTA for any items they may need for accepted FIGMENT projects. The only stipulations are that all artists view a video orientation prior to visiting and that no one may take furniture or electronics. As always artists are responsible for their own transportation and bags. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity and I encourage you to take advantage of it if you think it may help you complete your projects.
> I am in the process of composing a list of artists to give to MFTA.  Available spots are:
> •    May 16th 2:00 pm
> •    May 16th 2:30 pm
> •    May 23rd 2:00 pm
> •    May 23rd 2:30 pm
> •    May 30th 2:00 pm
> •    May 30th 2:30 pm
> I am collecting names and appointments on a first come, first served basis.  If you are interested, please list:
> •    Your full legal name
> •    Email address
> •    Phone Number
> •    Top three preferred times from the above list, in order of preference
> If you are not interested, there is no need to reply.
> Thank you!
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