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Ive mentioned before that there are about 6 pallets here at West Point if anyone has a van to get them, Also, Sung, the 2 computer tables are still here. If you know anyone with a van or a truck, we can pick them up. 

Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 15:22:16 -0400
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Hey all,
Started construction on the new beds up on the roof, but wanted to holler at the collective intelligence we've got around here.
Current plan is: Root barrier cloth on the bottom, a layer of gravel for drainage, and then some kind of growing medium on top.  I'm trying to stay away from straight soil due to weight concerns, anyone have experience with other media?

Happy to put together some more of these beds for anyone else who wants to partake, including other building tenants (Sung/Annatina/others) - each bed took two pallets and will require a few metal straps and some nails.  We're pretty much out of pallets at this point, so we'd need a few more for additional growing space.  Upcycling!

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