[Blabber] Laser cutter

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Thu Mar 29 11:32:10 EDT 2012

Some of you may know that I am very interested in procuring a laser cutter for the space. 

I got some prices from JCUT, a commonly used Chinese vendor. Some information about them:


Here are the models we are looking at:


Prices for 80W versions of them:

JCUT-1280 - 1200x800mm workpiece size $4770
JCUT-1290 - 1200x900mm - $4840
JCUT-1216 - 1200x1600mm - $5350

Some options:

Rise-down platform $300
Rotary axis $300
Chiller unit $470
Water / air pump: Free
Auto focus $100
Red pot for position $100
Honeycomb table $400
USB $460

We could get the cheapest version with chiller (recommended for 80W), autofocus and honeycomb for $5740. It would be awesome to have a 1200x1600mm work area, but I'm not even sure we would have space for the machine.

How many people would be interested and how much might you be willing to contribute?

We could also consider funding part of it from fees for using it. I would be willing to donate $400 and lend the space another $400 to be paid back from fees. 

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