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I just can't help myself:

What's with the skateboard helmets?

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Subject: [Blabber] Free Stuff - list inside, let me know what you want

As some of you may know, my office is vaporizing.  Consequently, we have a whole bunch of stuff that we aren't going to be needing anymore.  If you want it, let me know and I'll bring it to the space.  

6 DSL line filterscat5/5e cable - looks like 1x25ft, 2x14ft, 2x5ft4 voice headsets - 3 of them are one-ear w/mic with one 1/8" stereo mini jack, one of them is two-ear with two 1/8" jacks (mic and headphones)
one bluetooth in-ear phone headset (live your dream of being a wall street guy!)Netgear WPN824 wireless rangemax router, power cord may or may not be available (12V 1A)Vonage boxmisc AC adapters:  6V/.1A, 5V/2.5A,  9V/.8A, 9v/1A, 7.5V /1A
Dell laptop AC adapterthis thing http://www.blipsystems.com/?id=1298Neoprene laptop case, looks like it fits a 13" macbook Logitech ergo keyboard
2 Triple 8 skateboard helmets (don't ask) - not suitable for bikesAT&T 3G USB device 

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