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Rendall rendall at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 10:23:19 EDT 2012

Yes, I'm still doing it.  I'm not sure I can physically make it to a study
group, but I'd love to talk about it over the phone with ppls, either
conference or 1:1.  You don't have a *lot* of catching up to do.  1st
Homework is due Monday.

I haven't found the video lectures to be very helpful so far, but I've only
watched the first series.  The textbook has a large ratio of
blah-be-di-blah : useful info, sadly, but it has been the most useful tool
so far for me.

So far the math is just algebra.  Calculus & integration are presented, but
only theoretically and we're not being asked to derive or integrate.  As
long as you remember that integrals are the area under a curve from 'here'
to 'there', and derivations are the slope of a line of the curve at point
s, it all makes sense.

But given the terrible noise:signal ratio, I'm not always sure what's
essential to retain.  That's what I need help figuring out.
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