[Blabber] Early Winter Night Biking Gloves + sewing machines

SuperLuckyCat crystal at superluckycat.com
Sun Mar 11 12:28:32 EDT 2012

Sounds like it would be easier to stick with conductive contact points to activate the lights. I think two touch points that could be activated singly or together would work?

On Mar 9, 2012, at 4:44 PM, Guan Yang wrote:

> Something like that would probably require a full accelerometer. We could certainly do it but they're more expensive, something like $25 for a breakout board or $7 for the difficult to solder raw part.
> On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 19:21, SuperLuckyCat <crystal at superluckycat.com> wrote:
> Hey Justin, I love your glove modification idea! And Guan's tilt sensor suggestion. It would be great to have multiple signs that would light up based on hand position, like an arrow when you extend your arm out to the side, a stop sign if your hand is down, and finger of choice illumination with hand up.
> Daniel mentioned you might want to get industrial sewing machine(s), but if that's for the future then I'm definitely into bringing my home machines into the space as soon as possible. I'm out of town until ore ex the middle of next week, but I'll be coming by on Thursday night if you want to talk about it -- or any time through next weekend.
> --Crystal
>> i propose modifying the design to put LEDs on a certain finger.  we'll call
>> it the 'NYC edition'.
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