[Blabber] HM project funding vs interested persons contributions

Sam Brown rotabush at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 14:15:19 EST 2012

So I have been thinking about the whole "interested sub groups" concept
that has been brought up a couple of times and is currently being used to
fund the mini mill and the bee hive.

Meaning, HM funds did not pay for the mill or bee hive, the money is coming
from individual contributions.

I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this kind of financing.
 Granted, HM is not cash abundant now, but there is a disparity (perceived
or real) between those who have contributed to the mill and those who have
not (I fall under the "have not contributed" category).  Are there concerns
from those who have contributed?  Is there an expectation of more
contributions to be made?

I wanted to bring this up during the last member meeting but it was getting



Sam Brown
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