[Blabber] using the mini mill

Ben Solwitz notalamer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 13:58:54 EST 2012

Hey I'm interested in learning how to use a mini mill like the one you guys
have, do you offer classes or anything in how to use it? I don't have much
metal working experience but I have a small metal working project in mind
involving cutting up a piece of 304 stainless 1/8" x 3" bar into a few
pieces and cutting some notches into them so they fit together. I'm trying
to make a mold for fusing glass rods sort of like this
That site is pretty wicked expensive and I figured I'd rather learn to make
it myself which will be more customizable and cheaper in the long run. I've
been working in glass for about seven years and been meaning to learn more
about metal fabrication for a while, it is pretty useful in the glass

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