[Blabber] Early Winter Night Biking Gloves - Fashioning Technology

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Fri Mar 9 11:48:22 EST 2012

Hi Crystal!  We voted you in last meeting, so welcome to the fold :)

Wanted to chat with you about sewing machines - did you say you had a
couple you wanted to bring to the space?  Would love to be able to work
somewhere other than my apartment.

If not, I'm willing to Craigslist something old + metal + simple, they seem
to be going for not too much.  Depends if yours are nice/expensive or may
not hold up to lots of potentially inexperienced hands on it.

If/when we move to a bigger space, what I'd really like to get is a
straight-stitch industrial, a few members have mentioned wanting to do some
heavier-duty projects (backpacks, etc.).  I did some shopping around at the
retail stores in the garment district, going rate seems to be ~$400 for one
of those old avocado-colored Jukis that's been cleaned and lubed and comes
with a warranty.  I'm also happy to do an arrangement like the mill, or
just buy it and have people throw in $50 if they feel like they want to

Talk soon!

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 10:58 PM, SuperLuckyCat <crystal at superluckycat.com>wrote:

> I love the biking gloves, Guan. I had actually been thinking of developing
> something along these lines, being a cyclist myself. Nice that the
> conductive yarn allows touchscreen use as well. I had thoughts of using
> more complicated movement or gyroscopic sensing.
> Any other suggestions for wearables projects, send them my way! I'll be
> researching possible workshop themes and sending out suggestions for
> feedback late next week.
> --Crystal
> --Crystal
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> > This might be a good project for a wearable electronics workshop.
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