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kino kinomatic at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 10:45:32 EST 2012

On Oct 12, 2011, at 5:18 PM, Justin Levinson wrote:

> That's a great idea.  Joe and I were chatting a bit about what we'd be able to offer, especially when there are great workshops like Times-Up and Recycle-A-Bicycle around.
> They're great for specific problems (X doesn't work, I want to install a new Y) but I'm not sure there's a general familiarity class, discussion of what makes sense to spend on (and where you can cheap out), what adjustments you can make, what things are called, how to find a bike that fits, how to not get ripped off when buying one, how to not get killed riding in traffic, etc.  

Hey! I just fixed my bike at Times-Up because it is so old that bike shops never had parts. First time I stopped by and found out what parts I needed. I eventually found them at  http://harriscyclery.net They have a tutorial site too. I then returned to Times-Up twice to use the tools to install them and adjust them. The second time was actually a beginner class they were giving and they were just nice enough to let me do some adjustments. I listened in while adjusting my derailleur and they were talking about just those basic things you mentioned above. The guy giving the workshop actually works as an engineer. I came out way ahead even with donation and membership and the bike runs great.

Times-Up has access to two spaces - one in Brooklyn one in Manhattan. The Manhattan space they were using is being renovated SO THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW MANHATTAN SPACE to do the workshops and store the tools and stands.


PS. Oh and is good to continually clean and adjust the bicycle even if you think is running great. There are actually some check lists you can follow before each ride.

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