[Blabber] 3d hackathon

Jonathan jtechmail2010 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 01:06:32 EST 2012

      We have printers and plastic, so we need a hackathon!

       I propose the following:

       -- challenge where teams have to build something to complete a specified task (I have several ideas here)

       -- device has to be entirely 3d printed except for fasteners or other items as specified in the challenge (maybe you get rubber bands, magnets, cardboard, etc)

        -- you can use/modify any designs from thingiverse or elsewhere

       -- 24 hour limit from opening challenge details to final printed and assembled solution
       -- Groups of any size

       -- as much plastic and as many printers as you want (may have to equalize this a bit but that can be determined later depending on the size and resources available)
       -- at the end everyone tries their solution and there is lots of beer and pizza

    Anyone interested?   We may try a few mini versions first to see how this works.


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