[Blabber] brain hacking continued

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Thu Jun 14 13:08:57 EDT 2012

... although I would be happy if you can consistently compile pygame
(on any platform) ;-). I spent most of Saturday trying to.

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 1:03 PM, Guan Yang <guan at yang.dk> wrote:
> Will your version support displaying each user's info on separate monitors?
> Processing is nice because it is cross platform. pygame is essentially
> uncompilable, which is bad for Mac users who actually need to compile
> it.
> On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 12:53 PM, Daniel Packer <dp at danielpacker.org> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> This past Tuesday I updated our neurosky parser code to handle
>> arbitrary numbers of serial RF dongles. Now you can plug in however
>> many headsets you want and if your app supports it, you'll have access
>> to the data. This is the first step it making mutiplayer games easy to
>> create. The code is on the OpenBrainLab wiki page based on Andreas
>> Klosterman's code that Dave has been modifying. I have some app code I
>> haven't checked in yet as a proof of concept that I can demonstrate
>> tonight. I am hoping we can implement a software version of tug of war
>> tonight using pygame and the AK parser. Shouldn't take more than an
>> hour.
>> Future improvements are automatic binding/release of dongles and
>> support for the bluetooth headsets. Games will have to be updated to
>> support these features anyway, so we may as well go ahead and create
>> some games. My suggestion is we implement the on-screen laptop version
>> of tug of war tonight, and then port it immediately to the firmware.
>> Could happen all in one night.
>> We may also want to hack on the firmware Robert and Guan worked on to
>> support multiplayer inputs, etc. Some people suggested processing as a
>> possible development environment for EEG games, but in my experience
>> it's buggy and a pain in the ass. Pygame + pyeeg/AK parser seems to be
>> a solid way forward and that's what I'll be focusing on, but having
>> other platforms available would be nice, too.
>> DP
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