[Blabber] FIGMENT information

Daniel Packer dp at danielpacker.org
Fri Jun 8 21:32:08 EDT 2012

I'm excited. I'm also SO impressed with the Brain Pong Jumbo team and
their work the past few weeks to build an amazing science+tech+art
installation for FIGMENT art festival. This diverse team has really
pulled together and produced a wonderful collaboration resulting in a
fun public brain controlled video game experience. Doesn't get better
than that. We've even had a visit from the NY Times -- much needed
exposure for our group. Just wanted to share the joy and make sure
everyone knows what's up.

FIGMENT is this weekend, Sat+Sun, and free, and so is the ferry there.
For more info on how to get to Governor's Island, etc:

---> http://newyork.figmentproject.org/figment-nyc-2012/

The first public ferry is I believe at 10AM.

If you like this project and want to support HM in doing work like
this, please turn your pockets inside out and head over to

---> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hackmanhattan/brain-pong-jumbo

Oh, and congratulations on passing the funding halfway mark folks!


PS. People who really know what's going on, please correct me please
if I've misstated anything about FIGMENT.

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