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Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Mon Jan 9 17:24:34 EST 2012

The dualstrusion option is $1999.

On Monday, January 9, 2012, Jonathan <jtechmail2010 at gmail.com> wrote:
>     Damn... I mentioned right before Christmas that I had an odd feeling
that Makerbot was dumping Thingomatics to make way for a new product, and
unfortunately (given my purchase timing) I was right.  On the other hand,
it's $1750 and not a kit, so I'm not sure I would do that versus a reprap
given the price difference.  I assume they figured out that there is more
margin with the assembled units and it will reduce customer service issues
(which, as I said earlier, have to be a nightmare and probably really eat
into profits.  This is what happened in the PC industry too but that's a
story for another time).
>     Here's the link:
>     Basic changes:  bigger build area (225mm x 145 mm x 150mm),
dualstrusion option (I assume you get this for $1750), and fully assembled
>     Jonathan
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