[Blabber] Pinewood Derby - Help Needed

Sam Brown rotabush at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 22:55:27 EST 2012


My wife is the Cub Master for Cub Scout Troop 525 here in Manhattan.  She
has asked me to find out if anyone is willing to bring a jigsaw (or other
appropriate electric woodcutting tool) to the space to help some cubs with
their pinewood derby cars.  The cubs will draw the overall shape they want
for their cars on the wood blocks, but need help with the major cuts.

The cubs will *not* be doing any of the cutting and their parents will be
in attendance.

1. Is this kosher/doable?  Any concerns with having some rowdy 10 year-olds
in the space?

2. Does anyone have a jigsaw to lend for an evening?  We would be happy to
buy a new blade for the saw.

3. Any ideas on better places/methods to get their wood blocks cut?

We were thinking of doing it the night of Friday Mar 2, 2012 (although that
date is flexible).


Sam Brown
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