[Blabber] Thank you and surveillance

Sarah Benalene benalene at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 12:39:17 EST 2012

First, I want to say "thank you" on behalf of Make.SI
(http://make.si), the Staten Island hackerspace, for letting us come
and bug you guys and drink all your beer. Hopefully, we will make
other trips during not-business-meetings.

Second, XO and Kenny requested info about Open Source Surveillance.
MakersLocal256 has a public camera
(https://256.makerslocal.org/camera/), and if you have log in
privilages, you can view three other cameras. Unfortunately, they do
not have a full wiki writeup on their setup like I thought they did.
Matt (brimestone) said, "the long and short of it is that we're using
motion.sf.net and some usb webcams". But feel free to join the channel
#makerslocal on freenode to ask questions. They also have a mailing

Third, ...I forget what the third was.



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