[Blabber] photos from WMMF

Daniel Packer dp at danielpacker.org
Sat Apr 28 22:32:10 EDT 2012

A few photos of people checking out our booth at Westport Mini Maker
Faire. It was huge! We met so many people and entertained many smiling
children. The weather was wonderful and Wesport is without a doubt, a
picturesque town. We had EEG brain games, our new printer build, and
intro lockpicking. Myself, Guan, Justin, and Dave were there. We got
the banner made on Friday evening, just in time.

* we had a baby play brain pong
* an agreeable kid watched his brainwaves while learning to pick locks
* some people said we were their favorite exhibit!
* made friends with CT hackerspaces
* sold all the lockpick sets we brought (about 9 sets), and a few
t-shirts ($210 in revenue, so $168 after WMMF gets their 20%)
* justin wore pants (you had to be there)



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